“Wide Faith Foods” supports “Rise Buddy” Summer sports activities, SAT


Wide Faith Foods” supports the rice snack “Rise Buddy” band for health. Summer sports activities, SAT “this summer, it’s more than sports”

Ms. Gloria Kuo, Marketing Vice President Wide Faith Foods Co., Ltd.donated rice snack, the healthy snack brand “Rise Buddy”, made from 100% Thai rice, used for baking instead of frying, MSG Free, gluten free, trans fat free and less cholesterol, gave to Dr. Kongsak Yodmanee, The Sports Authority of Thailand, for use in summer sports teaching activities “This summer, it is more than sports” year 2019, with more than 1,700 children and youth participating in the program. This event, in addition to children and youth, will be able to use their free time has benefit, also be delicious and healthy with “Rise Buddy” as well. The event held at the Indoor Stadium, Hua Mak, SAT recently.