Wide Faith Foods send “Rise Buddy” Export the market in CHINA


Wide Faith Foodssend Rise Buddy, a rice snack for health.

Export the market in CHINA, targeting the first year, shoveling 150 million baht

Wide Faith Foods, a manufacturer of healthy rice snack produced from 100% Thai rice, Rise Buddybrand ready to export and sign a contract for the appointment of SHANGHAI SHOUYU TRADINGto sell Rise Buddy, both offline and online. Set sales target in China, 150 million baht in the first year, ready to lead the market for healthy snack in China within the next 5 years.

Mr. Oliver Yeh, Managing Director of Wide Faith Foods Co., Ltd., a producer of Rise Buddy brand healthy, rice snack in Thailand, revealed that the company has signed a contract with “SHANGHAI SHOUYU TRADING CO.,LTD.” From China, to set the company as the official distributor of rice snack “Rise Buddy” brand in China this year by Rise Buddy’s products to be sold in China that consist of many types of snack made from white rice and brown rice, etc. The products will be sold through more than 5,000 stores, both offline and online, such as Ole, City Super, Greenland, Family Mart, Lawson, RT Mart, Carrefour,Metro, Sam’s Club  WalMart andJD.com, etc. The company expects to have sales from China market about 5 million US dollars in the first year or about 150 million baht.

Rice snack brand by Wide Faith Foods has a variety, each brand is under the Master Rice brand, such as Rise Buddy, Allright, Rice Wonder Rice Bites and Mello by each brand will look like Healthy snacks that have a unique taste, thin and has a better taste than other brands, it also use baking process, use rice bran oil Gluten-free without trans-fat and has less than 10% fat in line with global health trends

At present, company export products to more than 30 countries around the world and for more growth of the export business, the company decided to expand the market to China because China is a big market and GDP is up to 81.71 trillion Yuan in the past year. In addition, in 2017, the retail sales of the lifestyle-related food business in China reached 919.1 billion Yuan, up 11.8% from the previous year. The snack market in China is likely to grow more because the per capita consumption is still low or worth about 86.2 USD per person, per year, which is less than the snack consumption per capita in the United States and England, which is as high as 394.2 and 327.5 USD per head, respectively.

The company also has a distributor in China, “SHANGHAI SHOUYU TRADING”, with expertise in bakery and snack, which has a strong distribution network and becoming a partner in the market invasion. Therefore, company expects to make Rise Buddy products reach the target group in China thoroughly in every channel in a short time, ready to help increase brand recognition faster With all these strengths, it is expected that Wide Faith Foods products should be one of the top three brands. Healthy snack within 5 years, Mr. Oliver Yeh, said in the end.