Rise Buddy started with the campaign ‘RISE BUDDY Sampling Troops’


Rise Buddy started with the campaign RISE BUDDY Sampling Troops

Ms. Gloria Kuo, Marketing Vice President, Wide Faith Foods Co., Ltd., the producer of rice snacks branded Rise Buddy, made from 100% Thai rice, began to distribute the snack for customers to experiment throughout Bangkok, with 2 popular flavors, Korean seaweed and pizza flavorthat produced from selected natural ingredients, Gluten-free, use baking methods instead of frying. The rice snack is crunchy and delicious, without cholesterol and trans-fat free at Siam Kitt Building, Pathumwan recently.

Everyone can buy Rise Buddy now at Tops Markets & Daily, Gourmet Market, Home Fresh Mart, Tang Huaseng, J Leng, UFM Fuji Super, TOKYO, Max Mart (PT gas station). Lawson 108 and in July, you can buy at Big C, Family Mart and Villa Market as well.