“Rise Buddy” Rice Snack, Secret recipe, thin, crispy and delicious


Secret recipe, thin, crispy and delicious

With “Rise Buddy” Rice Snack, a new brand for health

Wide Faith Foods, the owner of delicious ideas for health, prepares to serve new varieties of snack secrets, first time in Thailand!! With the phenomenon of thin crispy, delicious, healthy, accessible to the full flavor of Thai rice, “Rise Buddy”, rice snack for health with a delicious, slim-style rice snack from 100% Thai rice, without gluten-free rice, use baking methods instead of frying, making it crunchy and delicious without cholesterol and trans fats, mixed with fine seasoning from various raw materials selected from nature. There are 4 flavors, Korean seaweed, lime and chili flavor, pizza flavor and teriyaki flavor.

Try new rice snack!! Thinner!! Better health!! Delicious, full of Thai rice, on the way that you never touched before, with “Rise Buddy”, a rice snack for health, Can be purchased at Gourmet Market, foodland, Tang Hua Seng, Tsuruha and other leading supermarkets nationwide.