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Bangkok, Thailand, 2 May 2019 – Omi, the newest social application, unveils its secret to success after gaining 2 million installs by downloads in Thailand within 3 months after the launch, bringing up its high-tech function, security, and easy- To-use platform. It aims at being the highest quality online dating community in Thailand.

The number goes in line with iResearch’s survey after it has revealed that the amount of online dating users in Thailand are no less than 10,000,000 million per Most of the users are between 20-35 years old. A new research from YouGov, some information, asserting this phenomenon in Thailand. Over 4 out of 10 Thais used to rely on dating sites on the internet or online. The number has Risen by 47% among new generations.

While more young users tend to seek online dating, some high-end users still find it difficult to get their matches. This is when Omi application steps in to fulfill this purpose. Omi is determined to develop its application to be the number one online dating Community in Thailand in the future.

Omi, the latest social application, creates space for people with similar likes and interests to meet one another. Accounted for over 2 million users within 3 months after the launch, its popularity has already surpassed other dating applications in Thailand. The downloading rates continue to Significant increase, keeping the ranking of the top application for both iOS and Google Play Store.

This talk-of-the-town application differs from other dating applications thanks to its modern mechanism, including of strict regulations from the beginning stage of account registration. It is designed to carefully single out appropriate users and to create a high-quality online dating Community, which apparently correlates with the goal of Omi; to build an online community based on equality and respect among users.

Omi is a user-friendly application, where users could choose to chat with the ones they are interested in without having to be disturbed by unwanted ones. It also features updated and fun stickers, adding gimmicks and colors to the chatrooms. Security is topnotch, equipped with strict protocols and high-tech security checking system that reject inappropriate behaviors. Also, information management in Omi corresponds to privacy policy.

One of the highlights of Omi is “Quiz” function, which allows female users to speed up the search for their matches. When the “Quiz Auto” system is switched on, it enables users to interact and test each other’s compatibility. This certainly spares You some time as well as opens up chances for you and your match to grow a relationship.

According to users’ comments, the majority are greatly satisfied with the “Quiz” feature in particular, claiming to have high-quality matches, although many of them simply enjoy Omi’s easy-to-use platform and attractive design with fun stickers and emoji Some actually find their perfect match and build a long-lasting relationship.

Omi application can be downloaded from both Andriod and iOS. Follow updates on Omi on Instagram: @omi.ap, Facebook: @Omi Or website: